Finding the Ultimate Office Chair

I Love My Chair

I’ve had my office chair since I was 16 years old.  I’m now 32.  This chair joined me in the year 2000 at the turn of “the new millennium” and has been through my life ever since.  It’s seen every girlfriend I’ve ever had, it’s moved house 19 times with me, it’s seen a world before 9/11, it’s been here through my server colocation business, my self-employed contracting days, my first undergraduate degree, my music magazine, my EPOS business, my work at multinational companies, my marriage, my daughter has been born in to a world where this chair was already present for 13 years and she herself has had the joy of spinning on it.  Suffice to say this chair and I go way back.

I did briefly try to retire this chair back in 2009.  I bought a new office chair which featured massaging features but I just didn’t get on with it.  That chair very quickly found its way to the garage.  In the years since I’ve sat on many a chair in shops and offices.  Some of the office chairs I’ve sat on have cost thousands of pounds in the hope of preventing back pain.  Most of them worked – but I just didn’t love any of them or want them in my office.

The padding is completely gone on my old chair, the arms are that incredibly hard plastic that has no give and long gone are the days where it rang out luxury.  With my recent office remodelling I decided the time had come for me to finally get a new chair.

My height tends to lead to bad posture and I suffer from bad back paint as a result.  Spending many hours each a day working hard at my computer (read that as sat on my ass) can make the situation worse so it’s important for me to have a really good chair.  When trying to figure out what would be fit to replace my old trusty friend I had a revelation.  When I’ve gamed I haven’t moved for hours on end – sometimes days on end.  Surely gamers have a solution to this?

Enter the Gaming Chair!

It’s been years since I looked at gaming chairs – probably over 10 years – and they haven’t half come on a long way.  In an era where the home office is now decimated thanks to the iPad and work offices have all joined the wonders of breathable mesh chairs there isn’t much left in the awesome-ass-and-back department in chair stores.  That, however, is where gamers have a solution.  Unfortunately for those of us in most of the world there aren’t any gaming chair superstores to try out the latest and greatest so it’s a case of doing some research.

I spent a while looking at the various options online – looking at everything from £60 chairs on Amazon to the top-end major branded chairs.  I knew that I would have to buy one of these without trying it out so wanted to make sure the supplier was based on Europe so I at least had the consumer protection to return the thing if it was rubbish then I dived in with two feet and spent almost £400 on a chair.

Enter the DXRacer Iron Series.

DXRacer’s selection of chairs is overwhelming.  If you are not on the portly side of cuddly then your choice primarily comes down to how tall you are.  I opted to go for the Iron series as it is designed for those between 6’1” and 6’3” which covers me nicely.  It cost the best part of £400 by the time it had been shipped and I had no idea what I’d think about it.

From the pictures I worried it would be too narrow for me but boy was I wrong.  My first impression was the size of the box.  It was more than half way up my body.  Upon unboxing I could not stop myself from laughing at the sheer size of this thing.  Don’t get me wrong I think it’s fantastic that it’s now possible to get a chair for all different body shapes but when you’re used to a fairly small European office chair this thing is huge.  I have had many cars with racing seats and they’ve always been a bit tight across my back.  I had the same concern here as I have very broad shoulders – but the DXRacer Iron Series is perfect for me and there’s more than enough room for a couple of cats to come and join me too.

The chair itself seems really high quality – adjustable in every direction, built of really high quality materials and I can pretty much lie flat in the thing.  That’s all great – but how does it feel?

Honestly this is one of the comfiest chairs I’ve ever sat on.  The fake leather is better than a lot of lower-grade leathers I’ve seen on office chairs and much better than any other artificial material I’ve ever seen.  It is soft with a very-convincing feel about it.  The padding itself on this particular model is fairly firm – much like a Tempur mattress in many ways.  With the addition of the lumbar support and neck pillow I can happily sink in to this chair.

One of the most important aspects of a chair for me is reclining in an anti-grav 45-degree angle and this chair delivers.  The adjustable spring can be set from very firm always forcing you back upright to nice and loose for when you just want to hover.  Perfect for those hours sat pondering the nature of the universe.


I love this chair.  I feel guilty to be replacing my old chair and I feel a little bit like I’m cheating on it – but the DXRacer Iron Series is just what I’ve been looking for and I’m glad I took the gamble with it.  There are, however, a few issues that need to be considered when you’re spending the cost of a month’s family housing on a chair.

The part-assembled unit led to me losing a washer.  Thankfully a spare set are included but I don’t see the point of including the bolts already screwed in when all they have to do is be removed.  This just adds the opportunity to lose them during the build as I did.

There are also some corners that have been scrimped.  The packaging is really good but there was some damage to the underneath metal plate on mine where additional packaging should have been present in the cardboard box.  Furthermore, the plastic cut out on the top of the seat is super uncomfortable if you don’t have the headrest in and some of the assembly steps felt unnecessary for a chair of this price.

Does any that affect me on a daily basis though?  Not at all.

If you’re looking for a premium chair, then I cannot begin to recommend the DXRacer Iron Series enough where money is not a constraint.  I wanted something comfortable that I could use for hours at a time to help me with back pain, to cope with extremely wide shoulders and to hover in an anti-grav position in.  More importantly I wanted to feel that this chair belonged in my office.  Very few chairs have ever held that special honour but the DXRacer will be with me for quite some time.


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