I Quit: Rebooting My Life… and Robots

I thought it was time to provide a brief life update.  About a year ago I had a major incident in my life that led to me starting to question what I really wanted to do.  The last year has been one of the toughest years of my life but without doubt the most valuable that I have had.

I am 32 years old, married and have a wonderful two year old daughter.  I’ve been developing software since I was 7 and been paid for it since I was 15.  I reached the point in my career that I could command ridiculous amounts of money working for the most prestigious companies.  And unfortunately it’s all just a load of bollocks.

I’ve decided to reboot my entire life.  I’m fed up of attempting to find happiness on the treadmill that life says we should follow, I’m fed up of not having enough time to do the things I really want.  I spent 5,520 hours sat in an air conditioned box in my last contract and however much money I earned the very nature of the fact I was there meant I couldn’t spend my most valuable asset – my time – doing things I genuinely love.

Next month I am going back to university to study robotics and artificial intelligence at the University of Bristol.  I’m dropping out of the monotonous enterprise software developer lifestyle and I’ve also invested in tie-dye clothing and feel comfortable to actually wear my hair down after a almost fifteen years of having long hair.

It’s a scary proposition to throw in the towel to the life you have built.  If it hadn’t been for personal events that happened to me last year I may never have been able to make this decision – but what do any of us really want from life?  Money buys happiness to a point but it’s our passions, our loves that really motivate us.  For far too long now I’ve put them as secondary and played my perceived part in society at large without any enjoyment.  That’s got to change.

All the things are gone but with them all the stresses I had surrounded myself in life with have gone.  There is no daily commute to London any more, I have more time with my daughter and I actually get to work on things that excite me.  The thought that I can go back to uni and build robots (freaking robots man!) that can actually help people and make a difference is an awesome thought.

So with this new stage of my life I’m hoping to get enough time to actually focus on updating this blog as well as starting a YouTube channel.  Over the next four years I’ll be building robots, I’ll be creating and research new forms of artificial intelligence, I’ve got a pile of geeky things to play with and I still have my partially started vintage computer collection that I need to unbox and play with.  Also 3D printing, must 3D print all of the things.  Oh – and I built an entire laser tag system with custom hardware, I should probably run through that at some point.  Not least because it has red PCBs and red PCBs are cool.

Bye bye suit, bye bye shirts, bye bye London commute, bye bye endless CRUD operations, bye bye tight deadlines with no requirements, bye bye hair bands, bye bye money, bye bye houses, bye bye cars, bye bye daily misery, bye bye pointless use of my time.

Hello happiness, hello serenity, hello family, hello passions, hello geekdom, hello brain, hello helping people, hello making a difference, hello being true to myself, hello me.

Hello robots.  I am Guy, Robot.


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